Upper Eyelids

There is perhaps no more delicate area for a facial plastic surgeon to work than around the eyelids. Not only is the skin quite thin in these places, but they cover some of the body’s most essential sensory organs. The presence of the eyes, as well as the propensity for the perioptic skin to undergo all sorts of problems﹘from skin cancer, to cysts, to basic warts and skin tags﹘makes performing surgery in these areas a sort of “dangerous necessity” for many people during their lives, especially as they get older. 

Our Miami office of plastic surgery, however, has specialized in working in this delicate area and can not only diagnose what’s wrong but can then carry out specialized treatments. The upper eyelids, especially, can be centers for irritation and sickness and can benefit from the experience that Dr. Tanenbaum and his team bring into the surgery ward.

Upper Eyelid Procedures

There is no shortage of maladies that can strike on the upper eyelids. For over 40 years, Dr. Tanenbaum has studied and treated ophthalmological issues and has grown his portfolio of surgeries into a comprehensive list of services. These procedures include: 

  • Upper Lid Blepharoplasty: One of the most common anti-aging surgeries, blepharoplasties remove excess skin and fat from around the eye in order to relieve bulging and heaviness in the brow.

Blepharoplasty Repair: Unfortunately, some surgeries don’t always go as planned or areas get injured and need to be worked on again. Dr. Tanenbaum knows how to find and fix the problems that come due to a failed upper lid blepharoplasty.

Functional Upper Lid Blepharoplasty: Often plastic surgery gets written off as being purely cosmetic-driven, but there are indeed procedures to improve the standard of living for patients. The functional blepharoplasty is one of these, as it is designed to increase the field of vision by removing excess skin and bloat.

Ptosis Repair: Sometimes the upper lid will droop over the eye and, in extreme cases, cover the pupil. We are able to correct this by working on the upper muscles that lift the eyelid.

Thyroid Disease Repair: Thyroid disease can manifest in the upper lids with scarring and swelling. Dr. Tanenbaum is not only able to correct the bulging in the upper lids that leave the eye overly exposed, but can also perform cosmetic surgery to make the eyes appear as normal as possible.

Skin Cancer Repair: Skin cancer often occurs when the eyelids haven’t been shielded by UV-shielding sunglasses. If any type of carcinoma appears in the upper eyelid, we can isolate those areas and treat them so that they don’t cause any lasting harm.

Ectropion Repair: Sometimes the upper lid will fold outward, exposing the inner lid and causing irritation. This is a condition that can affect both the upper and lower lids and is best treated with surgery.

Entropian Repair: The opposite of Ectropion, our team can help reverse the eyelid’s tendency to fold inward.

Cyst Removal: There are a number of different maladies that cause cysts and growths to appear in the upper eyelid. Whatever may be resulting in that growth, Dr. Tanenbaum can find the cause and remove the issue.

If you are currently experiencing some sort of problem in your upper eyelid, be sure to contact our office in order to set up an appointment. After 40 years, there is virtually nothing that Dr. Myron Tanenbaum hasn’t seen or doesn’t know how to treat. Get relief today and give us a call.